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WonderCMS 3.3.0
Company: WonderCMS
Country: Slovenia, Slovenia, Ljubljana
ASP member: No
Company Web site:
Site of program:
Application info:

Author: Robert Isoski

Sales email:
Support email:

License type: Freeware
Class: Web Development::Site Administration
Categories: Web Development :: PHP, Web Development :: HTML Editors, Web Development :: Java & Java Script, Web Development :: Miscellaneous, Web Development :: Flat file CMS, Web Development :: Content Management Systems, Internet :: Website Management, Internet :: Tools & Utilities, Multimedia and Design :: Miscellaneous, Programming :: Miscellaneous, Programming :: JavaScript
Platform: Web Browser
OS: WinXP, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 10, WinServer, WinOther, WinVista, WinVista x64, Linux, Linux Console, Linux Gnome, Linux GPL, Linux Open Source, Mac OS X, , Android, iPhone, iPad, iOS
System requirements: PHP 7.2 or higher, support for .htaccess. NGINX or IIS requires editing of one sever config file
Language: English
Limitations: No limitations.

Keywords: Simple, website, builder, smallest, flat file, CMS, flat file blog, light, simple, fast, PHP, open source, no database, WonderCMS, tiny, small, secure

WonderCMS is a simple website builder and the CMS in the world (flat file). Simple and straighforward. Completely free and easy to install by simply unzipping and uploading to your server.

Founded in 2008 and open sourced in 2010.

- GDPR ready
- https support out of the box
- very small in size (14KB zip) and works with only 5 files
- one click update
- simple click and edit functionality
- no configuration required, unzip and upload
- lightweight - runs only on a couple hundred lines of code
- simplified code
- custom login URL
- custom homepage
- rebuilt mostly from scratch + MIT license
- better password protection
- no known vulnerabilities
- highlighted current page
- mobile responsive, easy to theme, 404 pages, clean URLs
- page deleting easier than ever
- better SEO support (title, keywords and description for each page)
- (optional) functions.php file includes itself when you create it
- made with PHP, jQuery, HTML, CSS and a flat JSON database
- works on Apache, NGINX and IIS
- WYSIWYG editor - Summernote available as a standalone plugin

Requirements: PHP 5.5 or above and support for .htaccess. For NGINX, editing the server config is necessary
Report Malware

0.05 MB

DateVersionStatusRelease history
29 Jan 20223.3.0Major Update- 3000% speed increase when checking for updates and caching
- 3 new plugins
- bugfixes and improvements
- code cleanup
01 Jan 20223.2.0Major Update- Submenus - currently works best only in new Sky theme - you can customize your theme to display submenus
- Option to hide alerts until logging out
- Force HTTPS option in Settings
- Option to have a template for each page
- New default theme Sky (100/100 score on Google)
- Many more fixes
20 Jul 20203.1.1Major Update- Fixed vulnerabilities.
- Upgraded WonderCMS updating mechanism to prevent database corruption.
- Improved file upload allowed extensions list.
- Other minor improvements.
- New theme - Watercolor
- Cache plugin - caches all theme/plugin images.
- All translation plugins have been updated.
18 May 20203.1.0Major Update- Faster WonderCMS - settings are now completely independent and detached of jQuery and Bootstrap.
- Translations: German, Russian, Dutch, French, Polish Slovenian.
- Read full changelog:
01 Jan 20203.0.4Major Update- built in theme/plugin installer
- speed improvements
- caching/update system for themes and plugins
- new dropdown for selecting default page
- improved notifications
- shortcuts to opening tabs in the Settings panel
- major code clean up and optimization - special thanks to Slaven Stančič
31 Mar 20192.7.0Major Update- Random password generator for first time installs.
- 'Get external file' function improved.
- Minimum password length changed to 8 characters.
- Minor code improvements and optimizations.
- Fixed a possible bypass (on top of an already patched) bug.
Distribution permissions: Distribution permissions as allowed by the MIT license.


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