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PlatformLicenseASP member
Website Watchman 3.1.1
Company: PeacockMedia
Country: United Kingdom, Leicestershire, Ashby de la Zouch
ASP member: Yes
Company Web site:
Site of program:
Application info:

Author: Shiela Dixon

Sales email:
Support email:

License type: Shareware
Class: Web Development::Site Administration
Categories: Internet :: Monitoring, Internet :: Website Management, Internet :: Tools & Utilities, Web Development :: Site Management
Platform: OS X
OS: Mac OS X,
System requirements: MacOS 10.13 or higher, 64 bit Intel or Apple Silicon
Language: English
Limitations: 30 day free trial period

Keywords: website, archive, monitor, history, time machine, backup

Monitor a whole website, part of a website or a single page.
Be alerted to any changes, visible text, source code or changes to the page's resources.
Runs locally, not a cloud service.
Own your own data.
Schedule hourly, daily, weekly, monthly scan.
Set up configs for multiple sites / pages
An archive is kept, including all changes to pages, images, style sheets and js
a 'living' version of the page, not a screenshot
Switch between versions of the page to compare them
Export a historical page as image or collection of all of its files
Report Malware

6.55 MB

DateVersionStatusRelease history
20 Dec 20213.1.1Major UpdateMigrates the change history to its own location in Application Support. This is to prevent possible corruption of user's configurations in cases where the change history grows very large.
Fixes problem that would prevent certain images from showing in the archive browser
23 Nov 20213.0.1Major Update'under the hood' changes for efficiency, robustness and transparency
Adds 'Check for Updates' functionality. Automatic and/or manual
Built to run natively on Apple Silicon or Intel Macs
17 Dec 20202.12.0Major UpdateNow correctly archives css and image files which are hosted on another domain
Better at finding lazy load images
Cleaner and more user-friendly settings tab
updates and improves list of selectable user-agent strings
23 Aug 20202.10.0Major UpdateImprovements to crawling engine, particularly with regard to image discovery; now finds and processes image urls within inline styles
20 May 20202.9.1Major UpdateNow able to archive all files from a website (where the url is discovered). The default behaviour is as before, only certain files are archived
Fixes some pages not displaying properly in the archive browser or after export with processing if they had a base href giving an absolute base address
01 May 20202.9.0Major UpdateAdds ability to sort website configs into folders
Adds queuing to the scheduling functionality
Fixes problem with browser not displaying page properly / some files not being archived properly if 'this page only' option used.
Adds 'render page (run JS)' option.
Many other fixes and enhancements
06 Jan 20202.5.6Major UpdateFixes and improvements, including:
Adds export to CSV from Changes table
Adds sorting by URL to Changes table
Fixes a problem related to string encoding which could have stopped pages from appearing in the archive browser
Updates the browser used for login / captcha
And more.
11 Dec 20192.5.3Major UpdateFixes and improvements, including:
Fixes a problem causing certain js files to be skipped
Fixes a problem which could cause spurious information to appear in the page content
Using the [-] button below the website config list now also deletes the archive, which users expected to happen
Distribution permissions: The beta version of Watchman can be freely distributed over the internet in an unchanged form


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