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PlatformLicenseASP member
Soft Cleaner
Company: Satheesh.S
Country: India, kerala, Kottayam
ASP member: No
Company Web site:
Site of program:
Application info:

Author: Satheesh Sivankutty

Sales email:
Support email:

License type: Freeware
Class: System Utilities::System Maintenance
Specific: Utilities
Categories: Utilities :: System Optimizers, Security Tools :: Online Privacy, Utilities :: System Diagnostics, Utilities :: File & Disk Management, Internet :: Security, Shell & Desktop Enhancements :: Utilities, Security Tools :: Virus Removers
Platform: Windows
OS: Win2000, WinXP, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 10, WinServer, WinOther, WinVista, WinVista x64
System requirements: Windows 8/10/11/Server, 32/64. Windows 7 Ultimate 64 SP1-IE11(Latest Service Pack .NET).
Language: English
Limitations: No limitations

Keywords: speed up your computer

Speed up your slow computer same like the Smartphone speed routinely, automated and assured. Establish strong cyber security.
Soft Cleaner is (License: Free) very highly powerful computer optimization software. Some more free disk space and stability in system resources utilization without adding extra hardware components and without tweaking your computer.
Before optimization: Exit every other opened programs first, including browsers, word, video files, notepad, photo editors, s/w development editors, movie maker or screen recording programs.
Mandatory: Right click Soft Cleaner select 'Run as administrator'. Try not to do anything on your computer while optimization.
Features: These unified features start default when optimize from 'Virus Cleaner - Game Booster' also with 'Automatic Memory Optimizer'.
Secure internet privacy.
Instant speed boost.
Smooth SSD/HDD long life.
Validate slow responding peripherals.
Increase boot speed.
Speed up FTP packet transmit.
Patch cleaner.
Fewer errors and crashes.
More physical disk space.
Very less total utilization of physical disk usage.
Energize entire system resources.
High powerful system cleaner.
Optimize client and server systems.
Clogged files deletion.
Uninterrupted internet access.
Fastest permanent file contents eraser.
Optimize I/O speed, RAM, Working processes, Virtual Memory.
Ensure safely eject USB/External hard drives/Camcorders/FireWire devices. Fix unnecessary high CPU overloads usage. Faster access, Increases work rate.
Advantages - Easily work your computer even running games, high memory and CPU usage programs, internet, development, software development, copy paste huge files or directories, Visual Studio, Android Studio/Emulator, other software/picture editors as well as compatible home/client/server machines.
TURBO - Increase cyber security. Top level system optimization.
Multi-FilesSearch - Advanced file searching utility.
Report Malware

5.05 MB

DateVersionStatusRelease history
28 Dec 20213.8.22.13Major UpdateTechnical update.
15 Dec 20213.8.22.12Major UpdateProtonVPN logs cleaning and technical update.
17 Nov 20213.8.22.11Major UpdateProtonVPN logs cleaning and technical update.
06 Nov 20213.8.22.10Major UpdateIncluded Brave browser history cleaning and technical update.
11 Oct 20213.8.21.98Major UpdateImproved Chrome browser history cleaning and some technical update.
21 Sep 20213.8.21.92Major UpdateTechnical update.
27 Aug 20213.8.21.84Major UpdateTechnical update.
03 Aug 20213.8.21.82Major UpdateTechnical update.
13 Mar 20213.8.21.73Major UpdateTechnical update.
11 Mar 20213.8.21.71Major UpdateTechnical update.
25 Feb 20213.8.21.70Major UpdateTechnical update.
07 Feb 20213.8.21.64Major UpdateTechnical update.
28 Jan 20213.8.21.61Major UpdateTechnical update.
23 Jan 20213.8.21.60Major UpdateTechnical update.
22 Jan 20213.8.21.59Major UpdateTechnical update.
15 Jan 20213.8.21.49Major UpdateTechnical update.
09 Jan 20213.8.21.44Major UpdateTechnical update.
06 Jan 20213.8.21.43Major UpdateTechnical update.
02 Jan 202111.8.21.40Major UpdateTechnical update.
25 Dec 202011.8.21.30Major UpdateAdded extra boost.
22 Dec 202011.8.21.29Major UpdateAdded extra boost.
17 Dec 202011.8.21.28Major UpdateAdded extra boost.
01 Dec 202011.8.21.27Major UpdateAdded extra boost.
25 Nov 202011.8.21.22Major UpdateAdded extra boost.
21 Oct 202011.8.21.21Major UpdateAdded extra boost.
07 Oct 202011.8.21.19Major UpdateMajor updates.
16 Sep 202011.8.21.18Major UpdateMajor updates.
09 Sep 202011.8.21.17Major UpdateMajor updates.
28 Aug 202011.8.21.13Major UpdateMajor updates.
03 Aug 202011.8.20.9Major UpdateMajor updates.
14 Jul 202011.8.20.8Major UpdateMajor updates.
18 May 202011.8.20.7Major UpdateMajor updates.
03 May 20208.20.5.343Major UpdateMajor updates.
09 Apr 20202.2020.4.33Major UpdateMajor updates.
10 Mar 20202.2020.3.14Major UpdateMajor updates.
14 Feb 20202.2020.3.11Major UpdateMajor updates.
01 Feb 20201.2020.3.10Major UpdateMajor updates.
23 Jan 20201.2020.3.8Major UpdateMajor updates.
17 Jan 20201.2020.3.4Major UpdateMajor updates.
10 Jan 20201.2020.3.3Major UpdateMajor updates.
13 Dec 20191.2019.12.74Major UpdateMajor updates.
05 Dec 20191.2019.12.73Major UpdateMajor updates.
Distribution permissions: Free


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