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PlatformLicenseASP member
Scrutiny 10.3.7
Company: PeacockMedia
Country: United Kingdom, Leicestershire, Ashby de la Zouch
ASP member: Yes
Company Web site:
Site of program:
Application info:

Author: Shiela Dixon

Sales email:
Support email:

License type: Shareware
Class: Web Development::Site Administration
Categories: Web Development :: Miscellaneous, Utilities :: Miscellaneous, Internet :: Miscellaneous, Internet :: Tools & Utilities, Internet :: Website Management, Web Development :: Site Mappers
Platform: OS X
OS: Mac OS X,
System requirements: Mac OS 10.13 or higher
Language: English
Limitations: 30-day trial period. Only CSV export is disabled during trial period

Keywords: webmaster, utilities, tools, SEO, website, spider, scan, crawl, link check, sitemap, xml, spelling, grammar

Link checking

All the features of Integrity and Integrity Plus. The same fast, efficient, accurate engine. With more power and options - authenticate (scan sites that require logging in) test links within pdf documents, render js before parsing.


After a single scan, Scrutiny holds a vast amount of information about your site. Search it, filter it, export it. Shows a list of warnings such as missing title / description, thin content, keyword stuffed pages, images without alt text, mixed content and much more.


Export an xml sitemap for submission to the search engines (and in other formats too). Option to include images and pdf files. Set up rules for your priority / change frequency or edit these manually.


Run a spelling and/or grammar check, view the results by misspelled word or by page. Uses the standard OSX functionality and your custom dictionary.
Report Mailware

8.53 MB

DateVersionStatusRelease history
29 Apr 202110.3.7Major UpdateFixes false positives reported where an srcset has a hanging comma (failed by the w3c validator as "empty image-candidate string").
The above situation is now reported in the warnings table
Adds 'Copy Word' into Spelling table's context menu
09 Mar 202110.3.6Major UpdateFull report shows number of bad link instances as well as unique urls.
Some improvements to the thumbnail functionality (may fix an apparent hang under certain circs)
Improvements relating to images:
Improvements to checking list of links / local files:
Improvements to authentication
09 Mar 202110.3.2Major UpdateCorrectly clears warnings and spelling tables when switching sites
fixes unlikely problem where spurious characters could appear in a link url causing bad link to be reported
Important fix relating to urls in image maps possibly not being included in sitemap.
05 Mar 202110.3.1Major UpdateFix and enhancement to existing option 'trust invalid server certificate' (internal domain / subdomains only).
Adds option to override 'down but not up' rule, which usually limits Scrutiny to the 'directory' that you start in.
22 Feb 202110.3.0Major UpdateImproves handling of linked files without file extension
Recognises html 'type' attribute, takes priority over server response content-type
Blacklist / whitelist rules are now printed at the top of the exported summary report
Fixes problem with 'flag blacklisted' option.
04 Feb 202110.2.0Major UpdateAdds options in Warnings table context menu to "Hide warnings like this" either temporarily or until next scan.
Improves parsing of robots.txt
Adds warning: 'link url has mismatched or missing end quotes'
Many other fixes and enhancements
14 Dec 202010.0.3Major Updatev10:
HTML validation (not as comprehensive as the w3c validator. Concentrates on well-formedness and issues which may have consequences rather than the petty stuff.)
Can generate a separate Image sitemap as distinct from the regular xml sitemap which may optionally contain images.
15 Dec 20209.14.3Minor UpdateGeneral improvements and updates:
Finds image urls in certain lazyload systems
reports but doesn't check certain special urls
08 Dec 20209.14.2Minor UpdateImprovements to warnings functionality.
Improves wording and info within warnings table.
Warns about certain specific elements that shouldn't be within link (iframe, form, embed, source etc)
Fixes a duplication issue

Improvements to spell checking functionality.
04 Dec 20209.14.1Minor UpdateUpdates the selectable user-agent strings and adds more
Fixes problem where spell-checker incorrectly attempts to spell-check certain binary files
Small fix for new warnings functionality, was causing some warnings not to be listed
29 Nov 20209.14.0Minor UpdateAdds a 'Warnings' table.
Adds 'Scan again' to breadcrumb widget as a shortcut to re-scan the current site.
Improvements in the saving/reloading of data, should be a tiny bit faster
Fixes an unlikely 'mixed content' false positive
16 Nov 20209.13.3Minor UpdateNow recognises and warns about unterminated or nested link tags, which are illegal in html. Previously if this problem existed on a page, it could cause some spurious minor symptoms
Updates the Paddle licensing framework to the latest version which is Big Sur and M1 compatible
27 Oct 20209.13.2Minor UpdateFixes relating to csv export and double-quotes in data. Previously handled by replacing with single-quotes. Adds a preference for how this is handled.
20 Oct 20209.13.1Major UpdateLinks results, filter button, the option "http: links" is now correctly shown or hidden, and works.
Results selection - sitemap - the availability message was showing an incorrect string and was confusing.
When using search box or filter button above the link results, operation is a little quicker
08 Oct 20209.13.0Major UpdateAdds 'warnings' column to links views
Adds 'broken anchor links' choice to links filter button
Some fixes and improvements to warnings and anchor link functionality
04 Sep 20209.10.0Major Updatefinds and processes image urls within inline styles
Improvements to engine
Correctly ignores sms: links
may fix caching issues on Catalina upwards
able to send form data with initial request
authentication login window now correctly uses same user-agent string set in preferences
20 Aug 20209.9.0Major UpdateAdds support for checking for links within Word (.docx) documents
Adds support for checking for links within local documents
Now automatically ignores the wordpress rest api files which return an unauthorised status when tested
Adds support for some other Latin and non-Latin character encodings
09 Jul 20209.8.3Major UpdateSome improvements around starting your scan with a list of links. In particular, automatically differentiating between txt and csv file types (this fixes a bug where a url containing a comma within a txt file would be incorrectly split).
02 Jul 20209.8.2Major UpdateFixes a couple of situations that could result in incorrectly-constructed link urls and therefore false positives.
Better handling of escaped forward slashes in urls.
22 Jun 20209.8.1Major UpdateVery small but important fix to prevent some false positives arising from SVG masks in style sheets
18 Jun 20209.8.0Major UpdateA number of fixes and enhancements related to the padlock in browser address bars.
The insecure content report will now include:
- insecure urls found in certain meta tags, such as open graph or Twitter cards
- insecure images, whether hosted externally or not
- insecure form action urls
28 May 20209.7.1Major UpdateFixes Metadata, Headings etc not being visible in Robotize in dark mode.
Fixes 'Insecure content' option in SEO filter
Adds the insecure pages / mixed content csv to the list of CSV files exported with the full report
25 May 20209.7.0Major UpdateAdds 'Manage custom dictionary' button above spell-check table. This tool provides an easy way to see your list of 'learned' words (to check that you haven't 'learned' any misspelled words)and 'unlearn' any that you learned by mistake
21 May 20209.6.9Major UpdateFixes spurious javascript being incorrectly reported as a link in certain situations
Fixes relative links being constructed incorrectly where anchor link feature was switched on and page being parsed is a directory url
In the warnings tab of the link inspector, if there was a warning about a redi
03 May 20209.6.3Major UpdateSmall improvements to the 'web access' for the full report.
Fixes problem with the 'send email' finish action
Eliminates some spurious 'bad links' by correctly ignoring <link rel = dns-prefetch / preconnect
15 Apr 20209.6.2Major UpdateFixes bug which could prevent the xml sitemap save dialog from appearing for new users
01 Apr 20209.6.1Major UpdateImprovements to exporting functionality
efficiencies (memory / speed) which will benefit users with larger sites
the odd bug fix which will cure a possible hang when exporting, particularly the 'images without alt text' table.
27 Mar 20209.6.0Major UpdateImproves the sitemap visualisation functionality:
redesigned 'bubble tree' theme
nodes and connections can be shaded or coloured according to 'link juice'
many other small improvements
10 Mar 20209.5.7Major UpdateAdds support for link rel = sponsored and rel = ugc
Improvements to the styling of the summary reports (html / pdf)
'include web access' feature (for reports) now documented and supported
other small fixes
20 Feb 20209.5.1Major UpdateAdds ability to test anchors
Improvements to Warnings functionality and adds 'warnings' filter
Adds option for all-links.csv (optionally saved automatically at the end of the scan) to be based on the links flat view rather than the collapsed 'by link' view.
Many other fixes and enhancements
01 Jan 20209.4.0Major UpdateUpdates the page rendering functionality, should make this option more efficient and reliable.
Improves the exported 'insecure content' report - is now 'flattened' to make it easier to use.
27 Nov 20199.3.4Major UpdateMany fixes and enhancements
Distribution permissions: The trial version of Scrutiny can be freely distributed over the internet in an unchanged form


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