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Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool 2.86.2
Company: Northwest Performance Software, Inc.
Country: United States of America, WA, Sequim
ASP member: No
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Author: Sales Department

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License type: Shareware
Class: Network & Internet::Network Monitoring
Categories: Internet :: Network Tools, Utilities :: Network Utilities, Internet :: Tools & Utilities
Platform: Windows
OS: Win2000, WinXP, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 10, WinServer, WinOther, WinVista, WinVista x64
System requirements: IPv4 network access to an SNMP managed switch.
Language: English
Limitations: 30 day trial, no feature limitations.

Keywords: managed network switch, switch port mapper, SNMP, network mapping, hardware inventory, asset tracking, asset management, network management, mac address, IP address

The Managed Switch Port Mapping tool maps the physical port connections of a managed network switch to MAC and IP addresses of the attached devices using SNMPv1/v2c/v3.

Capable of mapping many different brands and models of managed switches.
Saves technicians time mapping out the physical layout of your network by helping identify network devices attached to the physical switch ports.
Shows multiple downstream devices connected by hubs or other switches - LLDP and CDP report the directly connected devices.
Switch Lists allow you to map a set of switches.
Command Line lets you map a single switch or a Switch List on a scheduled basis using Windows Task Scheduler.
Shows VLAN assignment, port status, speed, duplex, bytes in/out, connected device interface manufacturer, LLDP, CDP connected devices, interface bandwidth utilization and more.
Shows LACP/LAG and PAGP link information.
Shows the elapsed time since a port has changed from up to down or vice versa. Use to see how long a device has been connected to a port.
Reports Microsoft and VMWare virtual operating systems attached to ports.
History Database records all switch mappings. Database is searchable and you can reload previous mappings back into the results grid.
Shows Spanning Tree Protocol status and root information.
Spreadsheet format results can be printed in color and searched for text strings.
Export results to XML or tab delimited text. The XML file can be directly opened by Microsoft Excel XP/2003/2007 or OpenOffice Calc.
Results can be saved and reloaded for later review using XML.
Switch and device 'configurations' including IPs and community names are automatically saved in an SQLite database and can be loaded for rapid change between multiple switches. No need to re-enter switch information.
Report Malware

12.46 MB

DateVersionStatusRelease history
29 Sep 20212.86.2Major Update-Checks added for the use of the '@' character in the community name when mapping Cisco IOS switches and warns user mapping may be incomplete.
-Checks added to disallow more than one Global Settings/User Defined DNS entry.
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.
01 Sep 20212.86.1Major Update-Changed the way the VLAN column is populated for Cisco IOS switches.
-Improved the error messaging that appears if there is a problem importing Ping Sweep Ranges from a text file.
-Default BulkReps changed from 8 to 4.
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.
25 Nov 20202.85.1Major Update-Added new right click option to 'Remove rows marked with I/F not present'.
-Added checks to warn users that Unicode text files cannot be imported and need to be ANSI or UTF-8.
-Improved file format error reporting for new Ping Sweep range import feature.
-Fixed Global Settings Putty
28 Sep 20202.85Major Update-Added method for bulk importing Ping Sweep ranges for a number of switches to Ping Sweep Range Editor.
-Added methods for detecting Layer 3 vs. Layer 2 switches.
-Fixed problems with protecting certain database fields.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.33.0
27 Jan 20202.84.3Major UpdateAdded methods for obtaining Spanning Tree Protocol data from Dell N series switches and two flavors of Netgear switches that do not report STP data in the normal location. Minor change to VLAN reporting algorithm for Cisco IOS and related switches. Updated databases and SQLite.
06 Nov 20192.84.1Major UpdateFixed problem with XML exporting of results. Added support for TP-Link switches and improved support for Dell switches based on Force10 switches. Updated databases and SQLite.
Distribution permissions: The trial version of Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool can be freely distributed over the internet in an unaltered form.


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