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PlatformLicenseASP member
Jelly: Antistress Simulator 2.0.16
Company: Index Zero
Country: Belarus, Minsk, Minsk
ASP member: No
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Site of program:
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Author: Index Zero Index Zero

Sales email:
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License type: Shareware
Class: Games & Entertainment::Simulation
Categories: Home & Hobby :: Entertainment, Games :: Online
Platform: Android
OS: Android
System requirements: Android OS 5.0 and up
Language: English, ChineseSimplified, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
Limitations: There is a 3 days trial period.

Keywords: slime, simulator, antistress, asmr, asmr triggers, relaxation, meditation, slicing, cutting

Jelly is your go-to slime/ASMR antistress app for soothing relaxation, visual satisfaction, and innocent fun.

You've probably heard about those crazy-popular ASMR and slime videos. What we offer is way better - its 100% interactive. Instead of just being the viewer, you get to be the creator of new slimes, perfecting them endlessly to your liking.

Need to relax here and now?
Poke around a slimy mass, get your senses triggered the ASMR way, or meditate - this one covers it all. Sensory stimulation is achieved by playing special crisp and immersive sounds known as triggers, causing what many describe as a tingly feeling of relaxation. Our antistress triggers include leafing through the pages of a book, crumpling up paper, sea sounds, and many others.

The app includes a great variety of slimes offering a chance to delve into the odd pleasure of poking, stretching, kneading, and otherwise exploring all the qualities of the fluffy mass any time you need to relax and take your mind off things. Playing with slime is highly pleasurable and addictive, in addition to being so beneficial and soothing.

Your benefits
* Relax your mind. Jelly is a game where you cant make a mistake or lose. There are no critics, rules, or pressure. Do whatever you want and dont feel stressed.
* Nurture your curiosity. We are constantly adding new slimes that realistically simulate dangerous liquids such as acids, poisons, and oils. The app allows you to play with them safely and dig deeper beneath the surface of what is around you.
* Get creative. Squeeze, stretch, slice, poke, wobble, and do anything else you would do in real life, without having to study recipes for making the perfect slime.
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DateVersionStatusRelease history
09 Dec 20192.0.16Major UpdateAdd decorations to any slime on your taste!
Upgrade your favorite slime and make your experience absolutely unique!

Besides that,
• Create your own slimes and ASMR triggers.
• Also in a photo section, you can create funny slimes with photos.
Distribution permissions: This product can be freely distributed
through the Internet. To publish it on a CD, please contact


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