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PlatformLicenseASP member
Geodata Germany 25.02
Company: Killet GeoSoftware Ing.-GbR
Country: Germany, NRW, Kempen
ASP member: No
Company Web site:
Site of program:
Application info:

Author: Fred Killet

Sales email:
Support email:

License type: Data Only
Class: Business::Databases & Tools
Categories: zip codes, postal, municipalities, geo data, geodata, Geographie, geography, Database, branch, Tools, Business, other, misc
Platform: Windows
OS: Win2000, WinXP, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 10, WinServer, WinOther, WinVista, WinVista x64
System requirements: All systems, only data
Language: English, German
Limitations: Extract of the original data

Keywords: geo, data, geodata, coordinate, coordinates, periphery, proximity, search, nature, area, landscape

The database tables contains geodata of the Federal Republic of Germany with geo referenced towns, municipalities, town quarters and other administrative units, postal codes, telephone preselections, nature areas, landscapes, climatic zones and official topographical cartographies. The data contain coordinates for navigation and geo-coding, proximity searches and distance computations and are prepered for the spatial mapping of environmental information. Quite often it is necessary to reference an address field e.g. like town or municipality name, postal code or telephone preselection, to corresponding geographical data and coordinates - a Geo Reference. The geo reference can be used e.g. to direct a customer to the closest store locations of a retail store chain by doing a proximity search. Another possibility it to determine distances between the different objects of the database tables with the included geo references. With the elevation data from a Digital Elevation Model the ground level height of each place can be determined. Often the knowledge is necessary about affiliations and relationships between data derived from different hierarchies. So it can be determined to which federal state, governmental area or governmental county a town, a postal code or a telephone preselection is associated. It is possible to assign a variety of natural and scenic information to each town or municipality. The snow and wind load zones and solar irradiation are available as local climatic data. In conjunction with the ground level heights they can be used to calculate static loads for the planning of building constuctions and to calculate solar installations. Databases: 11.500 Towns and Municipalities, 108.000 Town Quarters, 31.000 Postal Codes, 19.500 Telephone Preselections, all with geo references, 400 Administrative Countys, Administrative Districts, Federal States of Germany, Landscapes, Nature Area Classification, Snow and Wind Load Zones, Solardata, Cartographies.
Report Mailware

3.16 MB

DateVersionStatusRelease history
22 Feb 201625.02Major UpdateAll tables updated to the data status of 1 January 2021. Table LASTEN supplemented with snow loads >3 and >3a. DHDN coordinates in degree notation and Google Plus codes added. Formerly municipial free areas added and landscapes completed. Snow and wind loads and solar radiation from all locations.
22 Feb 201620.00Major UpdateAll databases actualized on level 1st January 2016. Databases ORTGEM, ORTREF, ORTTLGEM, ORTTLREF with unique record ID for simple updating. Reactivated License Plates entered in database KREIS. 8100 new town quarters added in databases ORTTLGEM and ORTTLREF.
Distribution permissions: Hereby Killet GeoSoftware Ing.-GbR permits to distribute their software 'Geodata Germany' exclusive as demo version on data media and in the online media up to revocation. We guarantee to possess all rights on the software. We exempt the legal distributor of our software from requirements third. With the revocation of the permission all projects in work with our software may be led to the end.


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