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PlatformLicenseASP member
Company: myCollections
Country: France, Paris, Paris
ASP member: No
Company Web site:
Site of program:
Application info:

Author: myCollections myCollections

Sales email:
Support email:

License type: Freeware
Class: Home & Hobby::Cataloging
Categories: Multimedia and Design :: Cataloging, Multimedia and Design :: Organizers, Home & Hobby :: Home Inventory, Home & Hobby :: Hobbies, Multimedia and Design :: Utilities, Multimedia and Design :: Miscellaneous
Platform: Windows
OS: Win2000, WinXP, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 10, WinServer, WinOther, WinVista, WinVista x64
System requirements:
Language: English, Arabic, Chinese, ChineseSimplified, ChineseTraditional, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian

Keywords: Catalog, Manage, Collections, Books, Movie, Music, Games, Kindle, XBMC, Tvix, FanArt

myCollections is an all-in-one organizer that allows you to catalog and track your multimedia content, as well as share it with others.
What makes it really stand out among other similar software is that it is able to catalog all of your contentapps, books, games (there is even a specific category for NDS games), movies (including x-rated), music, and TV series.
The multimedia content can be stored electronically on your computer or it can be physical mediamyCollections doesnt care and it will help you catalog it either via searching your data and reading from .NFO files or the file names themselves, via a webcam acting as a barcode reader,
or by manual entry. Yes, you heard that correctly, myCollections can simply scan the barcode on the media and then search multiple online databases to retrieve all the information on the item saving you countless hours of typing. It can also be used from a USB drive.
The software is free; however I highly recommend clicking the donations button in the application and sending some cash to the developers for all their work that has gone into this fantastic application.
In addition to cataloging your media, you can also keep track of who you loan your media to, thanks to its integrated loan manager. It also makes it easy to look up what a particular movie or book is about, or to find a particular album you might be looking for. You can also export your collection to HTML,
XML, or PDF to share on the web. It even has multiple skins to choose from including a Windows 8 metro skin.
Report Mailware

20.52 MB

DateVersionStatusRelease history
12 Feb 20217.5.0.0New ReleasemyCollections is now available in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Polish.
Fixing some issues in loan manager.
Improved OPF's writing for books.
Some fix for TheMovieDatabase, Discogs and AudioDB.
Some interface improvement.
And as usual we try to fix bugs and improve performance
04 Jan 20217.4.0.0New ReleasemyCollections is now x64, this will fix some out of memory issues.
As requested, you can now use Discogs for music provider.
Some fix for TheMovieDatabase, Amazon and Bing provider.
Some interface improvement.
And as usual we try to fix bugs and improve performances.
23 Nov 20207.3.4.0New ReleaseFor Tv Show you can now manage Episodes (add, edit, delete).
There is no more limit for Tv Show Season.
Some fix for TheMovieDatabase and Bing provider.
Some interface improvement.
And as usual we try to fix bugs and improve performances
Wishing you a merry Christmas and a very happy new year.
23 Nov 20207.3.3.0New ReleaseHot fix for TheMovieDatabase provider.
14 Nov 20207.3.1.0New ReleaseYou can now launch an episode for TvShow directly from the episode view.
Publisher is now available for books in the grid view.
For books, info and metadata can be saved directly to OPF file.
You can now set an item to watched or to watch, with right button.
We also improve the metadata view.
25 Oct 20207.2.3.0New ReleaseYou can now choose the path for the Cache folder.
Removed play trailer button for books.
Fix issues with the following providers : IAFD, Orgasmik, HotMovies.
And as usual we try to fix bugs and improve performances
22 Sep 20207.2.2.0New ReleaseQuick Fix on Music and Apps.
15 Sep 20207.2.0.0New ReleaseYou can now track what episode you have seen or not using right button on the episode.
You can now group your collections by metadata and in the grid view, we also add a filter on the metadata.
In the music pdf Export we add the tracks.
For the music, we add Deezer as first provider.
01 May 20207.1.4.0New ReleaseWe rewrite the music tracks option, you can now add, remove and play tracks. You can also select the file path of each tracks.
When you delete an item from your collections, you have now an option to delete the physical file at the same time.
We improve music search and fix issues.
14 Apr 20207.1.3.0New ReleaseWe add and open/close all menu when you group your items.
We fix issues in the friends and loans modules.
You can now search your book by UPC/ISBN using GoodReads provider.
We add Trailers in XML Export.
We fix issues with Barcode Search.
We fix issues with CSV export.
25 Mar 20207.1.2.0New ReleaseWe rewrite pdf export.
We add Episode tab in Tvshow.
We improve xml import for huge file.
We fix issue with TheGamesDB, Bing, AdultDvdEmpire provider.
And as usual we try to improve performance and fix bug.
23 Feb 20207.0.8.0New ReleaseBug fixing
30 Jan 20207.0.7.0New ReleaseImports from DataCrow for books, music and movies
Fix issue with BitText imports for books
Improved German translations
Fix issues with CdUniverse provider
You can now update artist picture from web for music.
And as usual we try to improve performance.
27 May 20196.5.3.0New ReleaseWe add a restore option to restore your database in Tools->Database.
We improve the way we get trailers from TheMovieDataBase.
We also fix several issues with providers: TheGamesDB, TMDB, Marvel, Amazon, Bing...
We fix the view 'Without covers'.
We remove softonic provider.
Distribution permissions: Thisl version of myCollections can be freely distributed over the internet in an unchaged form.


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