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PlatformLicenseASP member
Vimalin for Fusion 2.5.459
Company: Antwise Solutions
Country: Netherlands, NB, Eindhoven
ASP member: No
Company Web site:
Site of program:
Application info:

Author: Wil van Antwerpen

Sales email:
Support email:

License type: Shareware
Class: System Utilities::Backup & Restore
Categories: Utilities :: Backup, Utilities :: File & Disk Management
Platform: OS X
OS: Mac OS X,
System requirements: 1GB RAM, 120 MB disk
Language: English
Limitations: 60 days fully functional, after that scheduling will no longer work, but ondemand functionality continues to work

Keywords: 'VM backups for VMware Fusion', 'Backup', 'Virtual Machine', 'Automate virtual machine backups', 'Backup VM', 'Document VM backups'

Vimalin is a backup program for your virtual machines in VMware Fusion. With Vimalin you can make backups to a local disk or network share. Having backups is important, but making backups manually is easy to forget. Especially as you must shut down your VM when you want to make a backup. With Vimalin you do not have to shut down your VM, the backup runs while you can continue using your VM. You can schedule backups of your virtual machine. So you will not forget to make them. Backups can be made reliably and all the files in the backup are verified against corruption. You can get email notifications when the backup completes, or get an email if it failed. Vimalin employs VMware automation, so that you do not have to install anything in your Virtual Machine. As a result it works for all guest OS types that VMware Fusion supports. Using Vimalin gives you a better handle on your backups, where they are, how much space they occupy and if the backup was a success or not. It is also easy to restore a VM and test. Vimalin prevents you from overwriting your original VM. You can add comments to your backups. This makes it easy to keep track of why you made the backup. Backups can be compressed so they use less space.
Report Mailware

30.47 MB

DateVersionStatusRelease history
10 Aug 20202.5.459Major Update- macOS Big Sur host OS support
- New Process Queue screen
- new guest OS support for: macOS Big Sur and CentOS 8.
- Backup Now option now validates backup job immediately and tells you if it cannot create the backup and why.
- Various improvements in the user interface
03 Nov 20192.5.432Minor Update- Add exFAT file system support
- Deleting job still ran pre-scheduled job
- Fix parsing issue with mounted disk preventing it from being able to select it as backup target in some cases
- Various improvements in the user interface
Distribution permissions: The trial version of Vimalin for Fusion can be freely distributed over the internet in an unchanged form


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