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Patternodes 2.3.7
Company: Lost Minds
Country: Sweden, --, Goteborg
ASP member: No
Company Web site:
Site of program:
Application info:

Author: Lars Gafvert

Sales email:
Support email:

License type: Shareware
Class: Graphic Apps::Other
Categories: Multimedia and Design :: Illustration
Platform: OS X
OS: Mac OS X,
System requirements: Mac OS X 10.12
Language: English
Limitations: Elements removed or watermarked in exports

Keywords: pattern, animation, parametric, design, seamless, procedural, vector, graphics, repetition

Patternodes is a tool for creating graphical patterns, animations or illustrations based on repetitions. This is done by defining a sequence of steps, a recipe or sorts, that describes the pattern. Each pattern element or operation is represented by a little panel called a node, and the nodes are then linked by connections drawn between them. As the nodes can be freely combined and connected this gives you a very flexible and powerful interface.

While this interface requires a different way of thinking, it also offers a lot of benefits compared to traditional Illustrator-type editors. Most importantly it enables you to use sliders to instantly change any aspect, like color, spacing, scaling, rotation or repetition count of any part of the pattern without having to undo/redo any steps. In a sense you could say that Patternodes is to graphic design what a parametric CAD-system is to product design.

Patternodes is designed from the start to make it easy to tweak things to see how they turn out. Therefore the resulting pattern tile is always shown in the bottom preview view, repeated and updating in real time with any changes, giving you instant feedback of what the end result will be.

While the software can be used to create any type of repeating graphic, it's primarily aimed at pattern creation. To make pattern creation easier Patternodes also includes a lot of nodes that automatically perform common tedious tasks like repeating elements at the tile edges to make the pattern seamless, or randomizing different aspects (like color, position, rotation..) of the elements in a pattern to give it a little more life.

Finally, when you're done you can simply copy the pattern tile into whatever illustration or graphics application you use, or export it either as vector graphics or a bitmap image file.
Report Mailware

22.58 MB

DateVersionStatusRelease history
13 Nov 20202.3.7Major Update- Improvements to the export dialogues and more
26 Oct 20202.3.6Major Update- Improvements to the Inside clipping transform options
15 Sep 20202.3.5Major Update- Improvements to working with connections.
- Bug fixes and Finder preview improvements
09 Sep 20202.3.4Major Update- New 'Inside clipping' transform mode</B> for Transform and Randomize nodes makes it easy to transform the content elements with a clipping mask.
- Improvements to parsing math expressions in value fields.
27 Aug 20202.3.3Major Update- Improved h.264 codec quality when exporting video.
- fixes and improvements for upcoming macOS 11 compatibility
18 Jun 20202.3.2Major Update- Big performance improvements
- Support for h.264 codec when exporting video.
- fixes and improvements to node interfaces
11 Mar 20202.2.9Major Update- Better memory management
- PDF batch export for animations
- Many other fixes and improvements
22 Jan 20202.2.8Major Update- Better image format import support
- many other fixes and improvements
08 Nov 20192.2.7Major Update- Improved Text node with dynamic value text and better layout control
- Improved Clipping mask node
- many other fixes and improvements
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