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Handicraft Toolkit 2020-11-15
Company: Sergei Y.Kitáev (Handicraft-CODE)
Country: Russian Federation, Vorónezhskaya óblast', Vorónezh
ASP member: No
Company Web site:
Site of program:
Application info:

Author: Sergei Kitáev

Sales email:
Support email:

License type: Freeware
Class: Development::Components & Libraries
Categories: Programming :: Components and Libraries, Programming :: .NET, Programming :: C & C++ & C#, Programming :: SQL, Programming :: Source Code, Programming :: Databases & Networks, Utilities :: Launchers, Utilities :: Miscellaneous, Shell & Desktop Enhancements :: Utilities
Platform: Windows
OS: Win2000, WinXP, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 10, WinServer, WinOther, WinVista, WinVista x64
System requirements: .NET 5.0, .NET 4.6 (legacy), ASP.NET Core RT 5.0.0, SDK 5.0.100, MSSQL 2017
Language: English, Russian
Limitations: No limitations

Keywords: .NET, .NET 5, Windows, MSSQL, WASM, Blazor, C#, C++/CLI, C, API, T-SQL, TypeScript, Win32, P/Invoke, SP, ORM, ADO, ASP, JSON, REST, HTML/CSS, Razor, Windows Domain, GPO, Console, SDK, CMD, MSBuild, IDE, FAR

Handicraft Toolkit is a package of downloads available at Handicfart-CODE public pages, which are the original software resource ( The package contains tools (libs, utilities) and samples of so-called "handicraft programming", alternative programing style implemented on base of Microsoft platforms (.NET, Win32, SQL Server etc.). This is a set of primitive templates which demonstrate how we can organize extension of base official framework(s), to implement our own elementary technologies etc. The idea is how to be able to create own special program engine (simplified framework, libs and so on).

Here you'll find following:
- SQL-File Technology, a way to organize SQL-project on base of file/directory tree, for effective translation from SQL sorce files to database objects;
- Transact-SQL enhanced with macro-keywords, SQL helper objects (SP and functions), command-line utilities for integration with alternative IDE(s);
- Big set of useful .NET-helpers packed into special DLLs (as application satellite libs) provided with corresponding source code;
- Examples of experimental pseudo-micro-ORM to SP and queries (explicit mapping from/to SQL) accompained with sample progs;
- Experimental Application Start Technology for Windows network file system (e.g. Windows domain), so-called Viventics (shared desktop apps);
- A lot of interesting uncommon things which are potentially useful and are deserving to be applied somewhere or re-implemented for somebody's purposes.

=== List of subpacks (included folders): ===
I. HandicraftSDK -- Handicraft-SDK, toolkit (C#, .NET 5, .NET 4.6, Win32, CMD, MSBuild, MS-Windows, Windows Domain, ...);
II. BookRegistry -- Client-Server Web-engine together with full-stack sample application (C#, WASM-Blazor, T-SQL, SP, CRUD, JWT, ...);
III. TEST (DB) -- binary images of TEST database (MSSQL) which is used in corresponding samples (BookRegistry app., MyFlat app., ...).
Report Mailware

46.04 MB

DateVersionStatusRelease history
15 Nov 20202020-11-15Major UpdateThis update is named NET5-transition. All modern libs and programs have migrated from .NET-Core to .NET 5.0. Legacy versions (.NET 4.6, .NET 4.0) of some libs and programs will continue to exist.
16 Oct 20202020-10-16Major UpdateThis update is named DB-Access Normalization. Due to some evolution in DB-access auxiliaries (pseudo-micro-ORM from/to SQL, helpers) corresponding code of sample applications was significantly reviewed. For instance, RSet column accessors became more simple etc.
Distribution permissions: Handicraft Toolkit package (archive 7-Zip) can be freely distributed in an unmodified form. Also, any part of Handicraft Toolkit package may be distributed in unmodified or modified form as part/component of some another program or project into which it has to be imported.


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