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112 eCall Router InBand PSAP IVS Server 2.8
Company: Gradient Technologies, LLC
Country: United States of America, GA, Alpharetta
ASP member: No
Company Web site:
Site of program:
Application info:

Author: Tom Mia

Sales email:
Support email:

License type: Shareware
Class: Communications::Telephony
Specific: Internet
Categories: Communication :: Wireless Communication, Internet :: Communication and Chat
Platform: Linux
OS: Linux, Linux Console, Linux Gnome, Linux GPL, Linux Open Source
System requirements: Linux Centos 6.x, Redhat 7.3
Language: English
Limitations: 120 days expiry

Keywords: inband router, ecall router, ecall simulator, ecall compliance, IVS simulator, psap simulator, ecall, psap, inband, 3gpp, ivs, modem, server, 112, 911, e911, emergency, telematics, msd, esafety, FSD, MSD, gradient, gradient software, gradient technologies, voip, sip, h323, pbx

Highly Efficient and Reliable Pan European 112 eCall Inband Router / 3GPP IVS PSAP Inband Modem Server for Small/Medium/Large scale organizations and telematics call centers. Runs on Linux Centos/Redhat. Support virtualization. supports VOIP SIP E1 T1 and ISDN trunks. Decodes (MSD minimum set of data) transmitted from vehicle IVS then post that information to customers enterprise application (URL post/tcp-socket). A typical example of the product is when the emergency call is placed from a car, the information about the callers location, vehicle id, type of crash etc are being transmitted to the call center via DTMF or using Inband Modem. A reliable transmission is very important for this kind of applications. 3GPP inband server allow you to transmit these information (MSD) over the mobile GSM/3g/3g call from the car to the call center. It can receive the 112 eCalsl, decode the information and then transfer the call to the PBX or an agent. 3GPP 112 eCall InBand Server Version 2.80.The customer must have their VOIP or T1/E1/ISDN connectivity to this server.
- CEN 15722:2011 and CEN 15722:2015 (MSD v1 & MSD v2)
- Linux Based / 112 eCall Emergency / Road Side Assistance
- Supports SIP or T1/E1/ISDN
- Supports Calls from GSM GPRS EDGE W-CDMA and LTE
- Web interface
- Handles unto 1200 calls simultaneously
- Easy integration to existing emergency dispatch software
- Multiple Data Integration Methods!
- Allow direct database insert
- ODBC Database Insert
- Web posting & TCP / IP socket interface
- Transmit Data in the SIP header
- Logs, Failure Notification, Monitoring
- Supports PUSH, PULL and DTMF mode.
- 112 ecall simulator, IVS simulator, psap simulator
- Tested in ERTICO test fests
Gradient Technologies LLC, 2475 Northwinds Pkwy, Suite 200,, Alpharetta, GA 30009 1-866-993-1715
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DateVersionStatusRelease history
09 Oct 20142.8Major UpdateUpdate web interface to change MSD update method
09 Oct 20142.8.0Major UpdateUpdate web interface to change MSD update method
09 Oct 20142.8Major UpdateUpdate web interface to change MSD update method
09 Oct 20142.xMajor UpdateUpdate web interface to change MSD update method
01 Oct 20102.80.0Major UpdateUpdate web interface to change MSD update method
Distribution permissions: Gradient permits any third party to distribute this file.


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